Lila and Dylan | Quebec Family Photographer

It was a pretty ordinary day at the park and beach, but I know those are the moments I’d most like to remember once they’re grown.

Lunch with the Belugas at Baie Sainte Marguerite, Québec

Baie Sainte Marguerite, located within Saguenay National Park, is an ideal location to observe belugas.

A Peek Inside one of Québec’s Cabanes à Sucre

Inside one of Québec’s sugar shacks.

Le Temps des Sucres – The Sugaring Season

It’s that time of year again in Québec – sugaring season! The nights are still freezing cold, but the days are warming up, little by little.

Rachelle and Julien’s Love Session in Lyon, France

I just love this love session! Rachelle and Julien are an adorable Franco-American couple living in Lyon. They were such good sports to indulge my suggestion that we try the session outside; it was freezing! But I think Lyon’s Parc de la Tête d’Or is such a gorgeous backdrop in any weather, and besides, what’s more romantic than snuggling up close to your chéri to keep warm?

The icing on the cake – Paris in the snow

Paris is a gorgeous city on a regular day, but add to it a fresh blanket of snow and it’s just like icing on a cake.

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Ice Fishing at Sainte Anne de la Pérade, Québec

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Hiking Québec: La Chouenne – Parc National des Grands Jardins

The way up this trail is just steep enough to make the way back down really fun. Add to that a mountain full of gorgeously light, fluffy powder and you’ve got yourself a perfect day.

Pond Hockey on Lac Beauport, Québec

Pond hockey was a new discovery for me, and in case it is for you too, it’s just what it sounds like – hockey played on a pond or other natural body of frozen water. Also, the rinks are smaller, the goals are lower and the players spend more time playing and less time fighting.