Postcard: Amsterdam

canal houses in amsterdamIt’s a 3-day week here in Belgium. Thursday is Ascension, a holiday, and most people will faire le pont to make it a long weekend. We never let a long weekend go to waste and this one is no exception. Bright and early tomorrow morning, we’re off to Amsterdam and Alkmaar for 2 days. Nasty weather and prohibitively high ferry prices nixed our plans for days 3 and 4 on the West Frisian Islands, but we’ll take full advantage of the weekend back in Brussels.

This isn’t our first trip to Amsterdam, but I’m hoping to leave with a better impression of it this time. I’m looking forward to straying more from the beaten path to try to get a better look at the real Amsterdam and also seeing just how far I can get speaking in elementary Dutch. There’s so much to see and do in this city, and never enough time. If you enjoyed your time in Amsterdam, what would you suggest? Hope to have lots of stories and photos to share next week!