The Flower Fields of North Holland

In the Tulip Museum in Amsterdam the friendly shopkeeper had told us that the flower fields around the Keukenhof were essentially finished. This wasn’t much of a surprise, as it was late May, so our plans were to see the cheese market in Alkmaar the following morning. After sampling some Gouda and watching the cheese carriers with their brightly colored hats, we grabbed some lunch in a supermarket so we could have a picnic. Since the sun had finally come out, we had a relaxing, if very windy, picnic in Bergen aan Zee, on the beach. Our plan for the afternoon was to slowly make our way back home, stopping whenever we saw something interesting. It didn’t take long to come upon something completely unexpected: tulips! I was thrilled, since last year when we visited the Keukenhof we were too early for the tulip fields to be in bloom, and this year we thought we were too late. Needless to say, I took a lot of photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Red, orange and yellow tulips planted in rows in North Holland

colorful orange tulips

Purple tulips in the foreground with rows of red tulips in the background

A field of pink tulips is mostly picked over, but a few remain.