On Photographing Lance Armstrong | Brussels Sports Photographer

Lance Armstrong during stage 2 of the Tour de France. Photo copyright 2010 Amy Clendenin

Armstrong after a fall in stage 2 of the Tour de France, Brussels-Spa.

Lance Armstrong Tour de France time trial Rotterdam, NL. Photo copyright 2010 Amy Clendenin

Armstrong's time trial during the Prologue of the Tour de France in Rotterdam, NL.

He’s the one everyone wants to see (love him or hate him), the one journalists are obligated to interview and the one who is most often photographed. I really wanted to get a great photo of him, to hopefully be able to sell or make money from in some way. Also, he’s pretty famous and I am easily starstruck. No pressure, Amy!

It was tough. Between the rabid fans and the desperate journalists, not to mention the photographers with lenses 3 times longer than mine, it’s nearly impossible to get near him. My first chance went by in a split second during the time trials in Rotterdam. My second chance, I got lucky in Brussels to see him heading towards his bus after the race, except it resulted in a blurry photo. My third chance involved a higher power, I’m sure of it, who landed us 2 seats in the race commissioner’s car. Then! The race unfolded in such a way that for less than a minute, Armstrong was right next to our window.

In the end, I got 1 okay photo, 1 pretty good photo, and many very blurry photos. So what do you all think I should do with them?