The Golden Hour in Kraków | Brussels Travel Photographer

A horse-drawn carriage drives tourists around Rynek Główny, market square in Kraków, Poland.

Kraków in the golden hour. An hour I enjoyed sitting on a bench in Rynek Główny, the main market square, watching people. Lively and colorful, this medieval square is perfect for observing Kraków’s buskers, pigeons, residents and tourists. A somewhat defeated-looking group of musicians makes the rounds, the sound of the violin drifting over the cobblestones to where I sit, as the gleaming horse-drawn carriages clop-clop-clop around the square, scattering pigeons. I see buskers blowing giant bubbles with a makeshift wand, a rowdy stag party in pink t-shirts, families enjoying the late, summer evening and my favorite, a bald-headed biker duo with matching black, leather pants documenting their vacation in unison on their identical hand-held camcorders. A golden hour, indeed.

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