The Wild and Wonderful Plant life of the Galapagos Islands

To say that the plant life in the Galapagos Islands is abundant and varied would be understating it. We only saw a tiny fraction of this incredible archipelago, but were constantly blown away by how each island was surprising and different in its own way. In many areas, I felt that I was in a beautiful tropical paradise, surrounded by colorful flowers and palm trees. In other areas of the Galapagos, Las Tintoreras for example (more on that later), I felt like I’d landed on another planet. There the harsh landscape was barren, being nearly devoid of vegetation except for the fungi growing on the volcanic rock. Yet still in other areas, there are lush jungles, dripping with moss and ferns and desert-like expanses of volcanic rock with forests of giant Opuntia cacti thrusting up from the surface.

Here’s a small selection of what we came across. Tropical flowers everywhere in the Galapagos Islands

Tropical flowers everywhere in the Galapagos Islands

These hibiscus were such a beautiful, deep red.Giant cacti everywhere in the Galapagos IslandsGiant Opuntia cacti.

Mangroves everywhere in the Galapagos Islands

Red mangroves, a very important part of the Galapagos ecosystem.

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