Camping in Grands Jardins

We had planned to spend last weekend camping and hiking in Grands Jardins, but a series of mishaps nearly changed our plans. We didn’t reserve ahead of time due to the weather forecast predicting rain, but also because we only wanted to camp one night. The SEPAQ website required us to book a minimum of 2 nights when reserving online, however, you can show up at the park on the day of and grab whatever is still available. So we decided to go that route.

The forecast changed on Friday and the weekend was looking pretty good, so we arrived in the early afternoon to get a site. Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have the same idea. We barely managed to get the last site in the whole park! This turned out to be in one of the overflow sites that they open up on busy weekends, but no matter. Disappointment averted. On further inspection, we noticed the fire ring didn’t have a grill, which has not been the case in all of the other parks. We wished we had brought hot dogs and not burgers for dinner. Still not ready to give up on our weekend, we decided to do a quick hike and worry about it later. After checking the camp store in the park for anything that could work as a grill or somehow cook a hamburger (no luck), we debated whether or not to head into Baie St. Paul to eat dinner. We opted to stay at our campsite and take advantage of the great weather and our grill-less fire pit. Dinner could be cobbled together from whatever we’d brought. Except, oops, I somehow managed to forget HALF of our camping supplies at home. Luckily I had all of the essentials – lighter, tongs, knife and skewers.

Despite the obstacles, dinner was not a total disaster! We had the best burgers without the burger, corn on the cob that was only slightly overcooked and s’mores.

And then we admired the moon rise through the clouds, while warming our feet by the fire. It could not have been a more perfect night to sleep outside, either. The lack of rain recently meant no dampness in the tent, and the sound of the wind in the trees lulled me right to sleep.

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