Postcard: Bar Laitier

Summer weekends in Québec are synonymous with the bar laitier (that’s ice cream shop to you and me). It’s definitely one of my favorite things about living here. Many of these spots seem to have changed little in decades, and often remind me of a similar place in my hometown. (Folks from Melbourne, Florida will surely know of Del’s Freeze.) Every town in Québec seems to have at least one bar laitier, and they can also be found in random places along the roadside in the middle of nowhere. We almost always stop at one on our little weekend jaunts around the countryside. Of course there’s occasionally a Dairy Queen or a McDonald’s too, but most people, myself included, seem to still prefer the independently owned ice cream shops that remind us of simpler times. And the choices just can’t be beat. I always end up getting a sundae, alternating between strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, with real fruit, picked right in the area. It’s summer in a cream sundae in quebec

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