Lunch at a lobster pound in Maine

There are as many lobster pounds or lobster shacks in Maine as there are lobsters, or so it seems. As we drove down the coast, we had trouble picking which one to try for lunch. There are just so many to choose from, each one more charming than the last. In the end we landed here, where we had a wicked good (as they say) Maine feast of crab cakes, lobster roll and chowda – 3 of my very favorites. I thought this was pretty much the best meal of my life, or at least in recent years.

The lobsters are held in huge saltwater tanks while they await their fate as someone’s lunch.

Then they are carefully selected based on their size. And boiled over a wood fire in huge, saltwater-filled metal garden bins. A piece of wood over the top keeps the heat in.

Butter is melted, corn is boiled and hungry diners get cracking.

We had rich and creamy clam chowder with oyster crackers and a cold beer to start.

Perfectly crispy fries with crab cakes done just the way I like them – not too much filler and loads of tasty crab meat.

And the best for last – a warm, buttery roll overloaded with succulent lobster meat and just enough mayo to hold it together. Perfection!

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