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Lila and Dylan | Quebec Family Photographer

It was a pretty ordinary day at the park and beach, but I know those are the moments I’d most like to remember once they’re grown.


A fall memory and family portraits | Brussels Portrait Photographer

Wouldn’t a set of family portraits in the park make a nice gift for a loved one? Photo sessions are tailored to suit your interests and personality, take only 1 or 2 hours, and can be done just about anywhere in Brussels, including your home. Contact Amy at to schedule a session for October or November. More info can also be found on my web site Bela Lumo Photography.

Family portraits in Ukraine | Brussels Family Photographer

When traveling in a land with a very wide language barrier, even the smallest tasks become an adventure. Buying tickets, ordering food or obtaining train schedules takes twice as long and is infinitely more fun when everyone has only 3 words in common.