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Our dog sledding adventure in Québec

The past 4 months have been chock full of new experiences for us as we have been learning just what a real winter is like. Now with the season nearing its end (hopefully!),… Continue reading

Postcard: Ice climber on Montmorency Falls

Ice climbing on Montmorency Falls in Québec City.

Dog sled racing – Québec City, QC

The dog sled race was one of the first events to kick off the carnival this year, and it did not disappoint.

Postcard: Snowshoe race in Québec City

Canot à glace – Ice Canoeing in Québec

Ice canoeing – Québec City’s own extreme sport

La Bruxelloise De Brusselse | Brussels sports photographer

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph La Bruxelloise De Brusselse, a women’s running race here in Brussels. Sunday was the second edition of the race, and despite terrible weather, there was a huge turnout.

Guests of the Tour de France Part 1 | Brussels Sports Photographer

I’ve been watching cycling from the wrong seats all this time. After our incredible day as special guests of the Tour de France, I will never again see cycling as anything but thrilling.

The Tour de France in Brussels | Brussels Sports Photographer

Now that the Tour is in its final week, the first stage of the race seems like ages ago.

On Photographing Lance Armstrong | Brussels Sports Photographer

He’s the one everyone wants to see (love him or hate him), the one journalists are obligated to interview and the one who is most often photographed.

Watching the World Cup final in the NL | Brussels Travel Photographer

It was a sweaty sea of oranje, with claustrophobia-inducing crowds and noisy vuvuzelas and air horns threatening temporary hearing loss.