Tadoussac, Québec

The village of Tadoussac is recognized as the oldest in Québec, and played an important role in the colonization of New France. For many years, it was the only seaport on the river, and the center of the fur trade between the French and the First Nations peoples.


Hiking Québec: Le Draveur Sud – Parc National de la Jacques Cartier

Summer evenings are my favorite. Every so often, I’m able to pick up Mathieu a little earlier from work and we head straight to Jacques Cartier for an evening hike.

Postcard: Bar Laitier

Summer weekends in Québec are synonymous with the bar laitier (that’s ice cream shop to you and me). It’s definitely one of my favorite things about living here.

4810 Meters

After our recent adventure on the Cotopaxi volcano, I have a newfound respect for mountaineers. Though I had suspected it before, now I also know that mountaineering will probably not become my newest hobby.

Camping in Grands Jardins

We had planned to spend last weekend camping and hiking in Grands Jardins, but a series of mishaps nearly changed our plans.

Hiking Québec: La Tourbière – Parc National de la Jacques Cartier

The trail took us through gorgeous stands of yellow birch as well as damp peat bogs where we saw several beaver dams. It was a strange sensation to walk on such spongy ground – almost like walking on carpet.

Transat Québec-St. Malo

On July 22nd, we headed to the shores of Ile d’Orléans to watch some of the world’s best professional ocean racers as they began the Transat Québec St. Malo. The race is held every 4 years and began as a way to mark the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s first voyage from St. Malo, France to Québec.

Postcard: Stormy Dubrovnik

Walking back to our apartment one night after dinner, we got caught in the most fantastic thunderstorm. I have never seen as much lightning before or since, despite growing up in Florida.

Hiking Québec: Les Cascades – Le Parc National de la Jacques Cartier

I went for a mid-week hike with a friend and since we were both not feeling up to a big challenge, we chose Les Cascades. It is a very pleasant 4 kilometer loop… Continue reading

Strawberry Picking (and eating) on Île d’Orléans

Mathieu’s family came for a visit during peak strawberry season, so we took them over to Île d’Orléans for the afternoon. For $7, we picked 3 liters of strawberries.